Stingray II

- Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Green Laser


DDC Technologies Stingray II is a compact and powerful DPSS laser designed for most demanding industrial applications. It delivers up to 10W of TEM00 (M2<1.1) output at 10 kHz and can produce over 1.5 mJ at 5 kHz. All this comes in 100% air cooled (both laser head and pump diode) environmentally sealed package. Integrated Laser Head Controller provides precise temperature control of SHG crystal and Q-switch, laser output power and various interlocks status monitoring.

At the same time STINGRAY II is very reasonably priced, which makes it the best choice for many industrial applications. Originally designed for Diamond Cutting with highest demand for beam quality and output power stability, STINGRAY also can be successfully employed for Solar Cell Processing, Thin Metals Cutting and Drilling, Glass Subsurface Engraving and other industrial and scientific applications.

In its UV version (STINGRAY III with 4W output at 355 nm) laser has extra capabilities in advanced material processing such as glass, ceramics, PCB and flex circuit machining.

Stingray II Laser Head and Power Modules
Stingray Power Modules (Pump Diode Driver and Q-Switch unit) can be conveniently mounted in standard 19" rack for easy integration with existing electronics equipment. Air cooled pump diode module is located inside the driver and can be quickly and easily replaced when necessary.

Laser Integrated Controller Interface
Laser head controller provides precision temperature control and monitoring for various laser components and interlocks. The optimized parameters can be stored in controller's memory, so there is no need to keep PC connected during laser operation.